The best doner kebab restaurants in Bielefeld.

Use our top list to find the best Döner snack bars in Bielefeld. We have created this top list for you so that you only ever eat the best doner kebab. At the top, all the doner kebab restaurants listed here are simply outstanding. All of these restaurants offer only the best food in Bielefeld. Always fresh salads and ingredients are simply excellent at all the kebab shops in our top list. Some of the best even offer their own delivery service. Have fun while feasting.


Kral Döner

Herforder Str. 187, 33609 Bielefeld


Home of Grill Kral Döner with delicious food in Bielefeld. (


Krispy Kebab

Oberntorwall 18A, 33602 Bielefeld

Homepage of Krispy Kebap Grill in Bielefeld. (


Bielefeld Döner Haus

Heeper Str. 204, 33607 Bielefeld

Berlin Döner - مطعم في Bielefeld (


Antep Sofrasi

Herforder Str. 108, 33602 Bielefeld

Antep Sofrasi - Home - Bielefeld - Menu, prices, restaurant reviews | Facebook


Lider Kokorec Bielefeld

Hauptstrasse 163, 33647 Bielefeld



Döner Arena

Jakob-Kaiser-Strasse 1A, 33615 Bielefeld

Home of Imbiss Arena with delicious food and kebab in Bielefeld. (


Didi's booth

Engersche Str. 12, 33611 Bielefeld


Senner grill house

Windelsbleicher Str. 206, 33659 Bielefeld

Senner Grillhaus - All good things come from the grill!


Meal! Snack

Detmolder Str. 641, 33699 Bielefeld


Döner, Made in Bärlin Bielefeld

Jöllenbecker Str. 1, 33613 Bielefeld

Made in Bärlin - Original Döner from Berlin (


Urfa Kebab

Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 5, 33602 Bielefeld


My Kebab House

Detmolder Str. 244, 33605 Bielefeld

My Kebab House - Bielefeld sınırlarındaki Turkish Takeaway (


Berlin Döner

Beckhausstrasse 125, 33611 Bielefeld



Perfect Grill and Restaurant

Gadderbaumer Str. 41, 33602 Bielefeld



Cems Foods & drinks

Weststrasse 58, 33615 Bielefeld


Berlin Kebab

Ziegelstraße 45, 33609 Bielefeld

Berliner Kebab Bielefeld ▷ Order online now in Bielefeld (


Les Copains

Heeper Str. 108, 33607 Bielefeld

Homepage of Les Copains with delivery service in Bielefeld. (


Uni Eck Bielefeld

Wertherstrasse 255A, 33619 Bielefeld

Uni Eck Grill Bielefeld | Order food now | Official website (

Bar,pub or restaurant or kebab takeaway with chairs and menu on the tables as well as in the restaurants on our Top list of the best Döner Kebab takeaways in Bielefeld. Some have a delivery service.