The best Döner in Hildesheim.

Are you looking for the tastiest doner kebab in Hildesheim? We have listed some of the best doner kebab shops in Hildesheim for you below.

The City Grill in Hildesheim has been run for many years by the owner Mr Gümüs s. Among other things, the fast-food restaurant is characterized by a delivery service.

The prices for the dishes here are in the middle. There are also soft drinks.

Other dishes such as pizza, grilled dishes, salads and Turkish desserts can also be ordered.


The Restaurant Halal Royal Hildesheim has existed for several years now. Among other things, orders can also be placed here on the website.

The prices here are generally in the middle. Soft drinks are also available.

Many other dishes such as pizza, burgers, salads and co. are also offered.

Döner King Hildesheim has been offering a wide variety of Turkish dishes for for a number of years . Ordering can be particularly easily  via the website of the fast food restaurant.

The prices at Döner King Hildesheim are average and a Döner is very delicious. There is also a soft drink.

Many other dishes such as Turkish pizza, salads, baguettes, finger food and more are also offered.

özBaba is one of the most popular fast food restaurants for a döner in Hildesheim and has been around for a number of years. One of the features of the fast food restaurant is the option to order online.

The prices are basically average . Soft drinks are also available.

Many other dishes such as grilled specialties or pizza are also offered here.

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