The top list of the 4 best Döner snack bars in Minden.

Use our top list to find only the best doner kebab shops in Minden. Our top list tells you the best locations for Döner in Minden. Some of the best doner kebab restaurants also offer delivery service. Enjoy only the best food in Minden. The delicious food near you awaits you. Bon appetit!


Restaurant Efes

Turkish restaurant


The family restaurant with beer garden and elaborate murals serves Turkish specialties.

Schwichowwall 4, 32423 Minden

Restaurant Efes in Minden - Turkish delicacies / Home (


Königs Döner

Kebab Snack

Lindenstr. 10-12, 32423 Minden



Snack Nour Minden


Kaiserstraße 9, 32423 Minden

Snack Nour Minden - snack bar in Minden (




Obermarktstrasse 20, 32423 Minden


Table set in a restaurant with plate and fork. The top list of the best restaurants in Minden tells you the best doner kebab restaurants in Minden. Enjoy only the best doner kebab in Minden. The delicious kebab is also available with delivery service.