The best Döner restaurants in Osnabrück.

On our top list of the best Döner in Osnabrück you will find the best Döner Kebab Taschen in town. We only list the best restaurants for you so that you can always eat well. The best Döner in Osnabrück are all worth a try. All restaurants on this top list are completely convincing. Some of the best restaurants in Osnabrück also offer home delivery to enjoy. Try it out and enjoy it. Enjoy your meal.


TAT - Kebap Pizza House

Dammer Hof 16, 49088 Osnabrück




To the rotisserie

Große Hamkenstraße 19, 49074 Osnabrück

To the rotisserieß - Turkish Restaurant in Osnabrück (


Delikato Pizza Kebap House

Ölweg 86A, 49084 Osnabrück



Döner Ring

Natruper Str. 69, 49076 Osnabrück



King Döner

Iburger Str. 225, 49082 Osnabrück



Aleppo Bus charcoal grill - STREET FOOD

Hamburger Str. 22a, 49084 Osnabrück

Aleppo Bus charcoal grill - STREET FOOD - Syrian restaurant in Osnabrück (


Snack at Toni's

Lerchenstrasse 58, 49088 Osnabrück



Istanbul Kebap House

Tecklenburg Str. 53, 49205 Hasbergen



Locanta Osnabrück - Turkish specialties

Mindener Str. 334, 49086 Osnabrück


A laid table is waiting for delicious food in a restaurant or pizzeria. Just like the best Döner in Osnabrü ;ck. The Döner Kebap restaurants may even offer a delivery service in Osnabrück.