The top list of the best Döner in Paderborn.

We present you the best Döner in Paderborn. Enjoy only the best food. Thanks to our online guide, you can choose between the best restaurants. The editors have listed the best Döner in Paderborn below. It's best to try them all differ for individually prefer Döner. Bon appetit!


Baba House



Husarenstrasse 12, 33104 Paderborn



SOFRA Vegetable & Kebab House

Kebab Snack

Riemekestrasse 29, 33102 Paderborn

SOFRA Gemüse- & Kebaphaus - Home - Paderborn - Menu, prices, restaurant reviews | Facebook


Made in Bärlin Paderborn

Kebab takeaway with delivery service

Meat and vegetarian kebabs in a trendy white ß whitewashed brick walls and graffiti.

Westernmauer 3, 33098 Paderborn



King Döner Paderborn an der Talle

Restaurant with delivery service in Paderborn.

Angelnweg 2, 33100 Paderborn

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Döner Factory

Kebab Snack

Am Krebsbach 1, 33104 Paderborn



Antalya Grill

Turkish restaurant

Alte Torgasse 7, 33098 Paderborn


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