Dervish Döner in Esslingen

Derwisch Döner is a Turkish restaurant in Esslingen am Neckar that specializes in kebabs with veal or vegan seitan. The restaurant offers its guests friendly service, an exotic atmosphere and a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The owner is super friendly and always in a good mood. Dervisch Döner is an ideal place for anyone who wants a delicious and healthy snack.

Tel: 015115239268

Dervisch Döner is located at Pliensaustraße 9, near the Maille Grunanlage, a beautiful park on the Neckar. The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and closed on Sundays and public holidays. The restaurant also offers a delivery service, which can be reached on 01511 5239.

Dervisch Döner's menu includes various types of kebab served in flatbread, white bread, yufka or box. The kebabs are topped with fresh salad, sauce and grilled vegetables. Customers can choose between veal or seitan, a plant-based meat substitute made from wheat protein. The Seitan is homemade and has a spicy and juicy consistency. The sauces are also homemade and vegan. There are fries or a mixed salad as a side dish. If you're really hungry, there's also a kebab plate with fries, salad and sauce.


Derwisch Döner is a popular restaurant in Esslingen am Neckar that has received many positive reviews on various platforms. Customers particularly praise the taste, quality and portions of the kebabs as well as the friendliness of the staff. Dervisch Döner is an insider tip for all lovers of Turkish and vegetarian cuisine.


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