Berlin Döner snack bar in Vienna

Berliner Döner is a small but cozy snack bar near the Westbahnhof in Vienna. Here you can enjoy authentic Turkish kebabs with fresh bread, crisp salad and spicy sauce. The portions are generous and the price is fair. The staff is friendly and prompt, and the atmosphere is relaxed and lively.

The snack bar offers different types of kebab, such as chicken, veal or vegetarian. You can also choose between different types of bread, such as flatbread, sesame bread or durum. The sauces are homemade and range from mild to spicy. There are also side dishes such as fries, salad or baklava.

Berliner Döner is an ideal place for anyone who wants a quick and tasty snack. Whether for lunch, after work or before going out, you will always find something suitable here. The snack bar is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and also offers a delivery service. Berliner Döner is a good address for anyone who loves Turkish specialties or simply wants to try something new. is a restaurant guide that presents the best snack bars, cafes and restaurants in different cities. Here you can find out about the menus, opening times and reviews of the various restaurants and be inspired. is the perfect source for anyone who likes to eat out or order in.


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